It’s time to rally for Montessori “High School”!

As Montessori families, we truly believe in the magic of Montessori. From the joyful and inquisitive primary classroom, through the transformative lower and upper el years, to the self-directed and socially aware 7th and 8th grades, we see firsthand how the Montessori method helps our children grow into intelligent, innovative and independent adults.

Through the diligence and perseverance of a few parents and the support of many teachers and CMS administrators, a full Secondary Montessori program (7th through 12 grades) is within our reach! We’re counting on you to show your support in the coming weeks as the CMS School Board discusses the future of Secondary Montessori at its regular public meeting on October 13.

Please review what you need to know when advocating for a full Secondary Montessori (grades 7-12), and then help us spread the word! Next, use this guide on how to contact your school board rep to express your support over the next three weeks, as their vote affects the future of Secondary Montessori. This background article, developed by Brittany Stone, explains the importance and need of the full Montessori Secondary Program, and we highly recommend you read it. Thanks to everyone for supporting this most important effort!

For more information, please contact Montessori Parent Advisory Group member and Sedgefield Montessori PTO president Dara Whittle.

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