Be on the lookout for CMS survey re secondary Montessori expansion


Sedgefield Montessori PTO President, Dara Whittle, advocating at Oct. 13 CMS Board Meeting

Our work is paying off. First, Ann Clark publicly announces that they are having “daily conversations about a location for the Montessori High School,” and now the magnet office is requesting more information about the level of interest from our current families.

In the week after Thanksgiving break, the magnet office will be conducting a meeting and gathering data from surveys to gauge the number of families that are planning to participate in the Montessori high school. They need to be able to bring this information to Ann Clark before the next School Board meeting on December 8. We need 100% participation so their data can be useful for planning purposes.

This information is critical in moving our efforts forward sooner than the 2018-2019 pending start date. If we can demonstrate that enough of our families are committed to starting this program sooner, this will show them there is reason to move forward now.

Here are some things you should know before completing the survey:

  • The survey is going to ask our 8th grade families if you would participate in the 9th grade without a future location for the 10th grade. Keep in mind that as Sedgefield Montessori Middle grows, they are projected to outgrow their space by the 2017-2018 school year. This means that even if a location for the high school for 2017-2018 is not determined, they will likely have to find a new home for the middle school. Of course there are no guarantees, but this may position us well for the addition of 10th grade the following year.
  • If sports are an important part of your decision for participation in the Montessori high school, remember that all students will be able to participate in sports with their home school. This has already been decided by the magnet office. This is similar to the school of the arts.This decision may seem like a big gamble, but think of it like this: Every year your child gets to be a part of a conscientious group of educators in a setting that is respectful of the whole child. Isn’t there value in that alone? Our kids are more likely to be better prepared for 10th grade (and for life, for that matter) no matter where they go after another year of Montessori-style education under their belts.  For me, any year my child can be taught by enthusiastic educators in a setting of mutual respect and get an individualized approach, I think there is value in that.

Please make every effort to come to the meeting and complete your survey. Surveys will NOT be sent home nor emailed.

They are looking for reliable numbers and want to see parents show up for this next step of the process. There is not much time to gather this data, so please make arrangements to participate. Meeting time and date will be posted ASAP when information becomes available from the magnet office. Be watching your inbox closely.

With continued perseverance,

Dara Whittle, Sedgefield Montessori PTO President

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