2016-17 need-to-know list for Sedgefield Montessori middle school families

sh-what-you-need-to-know-istock-000014937781Before the school year ends, it’s never too early to start planning for the 2016-17 school year at Sedgefield Montessori. In August, we welcome our new rising 7th grade families, our loyal returning families, and our long-awaited 9th grade class of 2020! It’s going to be a great expansion year, and we’re working diligently to make it as successful as 2015-16.

Here’s the long and the (not so) short of things:

  • Sedgefield Middle School no longer requires students to wear uniforms. Yay! However, students are still required to follow CMS code of student conduct, which states, “The dress and grooming of students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual and promote an orderly educational environment.” If you can’t decide what to wear, you can always stock up on Sedgefield Montessori t-shirts to wear every day of the week!
  • Price-compare and begin shopping for items on the school supply list. The week before school begins in August, we will have a meet-and-greet, and we welcome you to drop your supplies off and say “hi” to our staff and PTO. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook and subscribe to our e-blast so we can inform you of the specific date and time later in the summer.
  • Begin tracking students’ REQUIRED community service hours. Be sure to note organization, total volunteer hours and get an authorized signature. Logs will be distributed later, and students can transfer the necessary information at that time.
  • Buy/reserve books on the summer reading list, and get a jump-start on REQUIRED language arts reading.
  • Make sure to review these documents and send in these documents. Feel free to scan and email them to our staff.
  • Get in the swing of things at our always fun Community Picnic on June 5 and get your free dessert. More details here.

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