High school updates from staff

IMG_0967We are SO excited to be welcoming students this August to the first ever public Montessori High School in the state of North Carolina!!!! We are all so truly blessed to be part of this incredible experience and on this wonderful journey together!

We hope you are all having an amazing summer with your friends and family. We just got back from a week in Cincinnati for training together. Mindy was teaching Pedagogy of Place, and Ali was attending Philosophy. We are so happy for the opportunity to learn and become more passionate about Montessori teaching with other incredible teachers from around the nation. Below are a few high school-specific updates:

  1. We would like to invite students in on Tuesday, August 23rd from 10-2 to help prepare the environment. Weather pending, we would like to paint picnic tables for our outdoor lunch area, create artwork for the new and improved kitchen and much more! Please have your child RSVP to Ms. Mindy before August 12th for planning purposes.
  2. We have been busy planning the first day of school, which will consist of orientation information, Charter for Compassion, reviewing the Montessori Biography (with a student-created seminar!) and a community service project with Crisis Ministries.  We are thrilled to start the year off with such exciting activities!
  3. We are excited to welcome several new members to our Secondary Montessori community this year. In order to help them with their transition, we are inviting students to apply to be a mentor to a new student for the first week of school. Any student interested should complete this Google Form by August 19th.
  4. High school students will participate in clubs twice per month and Leadership Committee twice per month (both during the school day). All students will choose one of four Leadership Committees on which to serve: Fundraising, Social Engagement, Community Service and Clubs/Sports. Students can get a jump-start on the application by completing it now.
  5. This Field Study Scholarship Intent form outlines the cost of each field study/intersession for the 2016-2017 school year. Please complete and return this form ASAP to help us with the planning process. Fall Intersession fees are due no later than September 9th. Fall Intersession is planned, and we are SO excited to offer students this exciting experience! The theme for the 9th grade year is “Odyssey: A Rite of Passage.” We will not outline the entire intersession. We will leave that to your 9th grader! But we can say that we will be primitive camping at Crowder’s Mountain State Park from 10/12-10/14 and are in need of four chaperones total. If you are interested in attending this intersession, please read and complete this Chaperone Application, and be sure to register as a CMS volunteer here. This is going to be VERY different from Fall Camp, so be prepared!
  6. We will also be participating in the High Ropes Course at UNCC as part of this intersession They do Low Ropes in 7th grade and always ask about this course. It’s going to be SUCH a challenge and SO much fun! Students will participate in rigorous excavating activities relating to personal growth and will continue to not only work together as a supportive community, but will also start to hone in on their specific strengths that will carry them through life!
  7. Just a reminder that summer reading journals are due at the beginning of the first day of school!!! More details here.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and we hope you are having an amazing summer and can’t wait to see you all in the fall!

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