Putting a face to a name: Introducing our Montessori staff and administration

Since the 2015-16 school year, our student body has almost doubled, and we are very happy to introduce three new teachers to our fold for 2016-17. Take some time to put a face to a name, read their bio pages and make sure to introduce yourself!


Mindy headshot Read more about Mindy Mahar – Program Coordinator/Math/Science/HS Electives.

Ali(1) Read more about Ali Monroe Johnson – History/Language Arts/ Yearbook/HS Electives.


 Read more about Patti Francis – Social Studies/Language Arts.

 Read more about Katie Nelson – Math/Science.

 Read more about Patti Taddio – Social Studies/Language Arts.

 Read more about Brian Williams – Math/Science.


Erik Turner Read more about Erik Turner – Principal.

Catherine Eldridge Read more about Catherine Eldridge – Academic Facilitator.

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