CMS Montessori Magnet Institute: A huge success!

The Montessori Parent Advisory Group spent some time last spring discussing consistency across schools and thought a district-wide teacher collaboration event would be a great place to start. On August 17, between 40-50 CMS Montessori teachers, teacher assistants, special-area teachers and administrators attended the first annual Montessori Magnet Institute at Sedgefield Montessori.

They started the day with Community Meeting, attended presentations by CMS Montessori teachers, participated in group initiatives and spent time networking by level as well as in a whole group. Words used to describe the day were “invigorating,” “inspirational,” “community,” “dedication,” “understanding,” “collaboration,” “foundation,” “sharing,” “enlivening” and many more!

This event was made possible because of the combined efforts of Natasha Thompson and the Magnet Office, Sedgefield Middle School Principal, Erik Turner, the Sedgefield Montessori staff and the Sedgefield Montessori PTO.


2 Comments on “CMS Montessori Magnet Institute: A huge success!

  1. This is awesome. As a parent I have been seeking this type of community consistency. Wow# Please contnue the collaboration efforts. Looking forward to our school and all our Montessori schools reaping the rewards.


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