The first week of CMS Montessori High School


Led by Mindy Mahar and Ali Monroe Johnson, our 25 ninth-graders have been settling into high school as only Montessori kids can. On August 23, a group accumulated service hours by painting picnic tables, unpacking and assembling new furniture, and preparing their new environment.

The first day of school, our high school teachers led a day of learning the new environment, introducing high school structures, team-building exercises and service work. Students are learning the art of managing eight different classes and learning how to write professional emails. High-schoolers are expected to take charge of their education by composing emails to teachers if they have a question or concern, rather than leaving it to their parents or guardians.

As students move through the Rite of Passage of entering high school, please keep their adolescent development at the forefront of decision-making. Please review the 7 Gateways as you continue to navigate the joys of adolescence together. Our staff encourages parents to allow students as many opportunities as possible to explore who they are, as well as to be independent. Ninth-graders should be making their own lunch, doing their laundry, cooking family meals, organizing their own binders, turning in their own forms, picking out their own clothes and so much more!

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