SERVICE HOURS ALERT: Storm Drain Marking Program

stormwaterlogo-2006master1Help protect streams and lakes by volunteering to mark the storm drains in your neighborhood. Volunteers can pick up Storm Drain Marking kits that include the decals, glue, safety vest, data sheet and gloves. The decals carry the message “This Drain Is Only for Rain. Do Not Dump – Drains to Creek.” It is an important message to spread because all of the storm drains in Mecklenburg County drain directly to streams and lakes. This means that every time it rains, stormwater carries pollutants from our streets, parking lots and yards directly to our surface waters.

Questions? Contact Deania Russo, Mecklenburg County Senior Environmental Specialist, 980-722-8881,

Organize a group for the April 29 Storm Drain Marking Rally. More details here.




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