Busing or carpooling to Williams Montessori? Help streamline student transportation by completing short survey

icons_featureOur new campus (John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori at 2400 Carmine Street, Charlotte, NC) is opening in August 2017, and now begs the question, “What’s the quickest, safest, earth-friendly way to get to and from school?”

>> Complete transportation survey by June 9, 2017.

Your PTSO is gathering information about transportation needs for the 2017-18 school year. From carpools to CMS shuttle stops, completing this survey will help us decrease travel time, be kinder to our environment and build community.

These are our options:

  • CMS Neighborhood Bus Stops pick up and drop off close to home, and there is no need to reach out to Transportation to set this up. It automatically happens when your child is enrolled with Williams Montessori.
  • CMS Shuttle Stops significantly reduce travel time and bring Montessori families together at centralized locations around the county, with buses going directly to campus. Possible shuttle stops could be a Montessori elementary school or a neighborhood high school. For example, pick-up at Park Road Montessori may be closer to 8:00–8:15, and the drop-off time may be closer to 4:45-5:00. This allows for traffic from carpool to be gone by the time the shuttle stop arrives/departs. Families at shuttle stops are encouraged to form carpools to get to and from shuttle stops and/or campus. It takes a village, right, Montessorian peeps?
  • CMS Consolidated Stops are organized by a group of parents at a local business/organization (not a CMS school) and require approval from the business/organization where the bus stop would be located as well as CMS Transportation. These can help minimize travel time on the bus, but they often dissolve over time. Per CMS Transportation, consolidated stops not as strongly recommended as shuttle stops .
  • CMS Alternate Stops need to be requested by families needing an a.m. and/or p.m. stop at places such as a YMCA, rec center, martial arts academy, etc. Please complete this form to request a stop at a different location from what your child is currently assigned.
  • Charlotte Area Transportation System’s closest bus stop is approximately 0.3 miles away from campus. CATS welcomes bike riders to “Rack and Ride.”  Map your CATS ride to campus here.  Be sure to check back again in 2018, when CATS plans to open the LYNX Blue Line Extension near the new campus, which will decrease ride times.
  • Carpooling can also be a great option for busy families. Please complete the transportation survey to help interested families in the same neck of the woods find each other.

Our CMS Transportation representative is Suzanne Earle, and she will be organizing our busing routes from now until August, when the routes will be finalized for the start of school.

We are seeking a parent representative to serve as a liaison between families, CMS Transportation and Williams Montessori administration to help streamline transportation options and information. If you can help, please contact PTSO President-Elect Alexandra Hischen-Dombroski at alexandrahischen@icloud.com.

Please fill out this survey by June 9, 2017, to help us gather information on the transportation needs of our community for the 2017-2018 school year, and stayed tuned for more information to come.


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