School’s out TODAY, June 9, but work is continuing all summer behind the scenes

schools-outWhat an amazing year it’s been for Secondary Montessori! Today is the last day of school, and faculty and students have been packing up for the big move to the new campus. Administration, faculty, the Magnet office, contractors and your PTSO will be working diligently all summer to be ready for the opening of John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori in August. Our newly hired teachers will be immersed in Montessori training at CMStep this summer, and your PTSO will continue its work to support the efforts of the school, plan community events, fundraisers and more.

Staff will be in touch toward the end of the summer looking for volunteers to help ready the new campus for the first day of school on Monday, August 28. Student volunteers can rack up required volunteer hours, and adults can rack up some good karma points 😉

Enjoy your summer with friends and family, explore, stay safe and make life-long memories!

View CMS 2017-18 calendar.

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