Ms. Sophia has been in contact with Transportation staff and received confirmation today that there will be a shuttle stop in place at Park Road Montessori*! Results from the transportation survey determined their ability to provide this service. Ms Sophia will be sending an email to the families who expressed an interest in a shuttle stop at that location for confirmation to designate this location as their AM and PM stop. A CMS bus will depart each morning from PRM at 8:30 am and will return to the PRM campus at about 4:45 pm each evening. At this time the route will make no other stops between PRM and Williams Montessori.

*Please understand that there will be no supervision provided by the PRM staff in the AM or PM. Students should not be left unattended by a parent/guardian in the morning and someone should be at the school to pick up their child(ren) when the bus arrives in the afternoon. Bus drivers will not wait with students.

*At least 15 students are needed to maintain this stop. If the number of students drops below this number the stop will be discontinued and students will be assigned a neighborhood stop.

*Students will not be assigned multiple stop locations. Your assigned stop is in place for every school day.

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