Rite of Passage Ceremony – Friday, October 27

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In addition to traditional academic studies, each Williams Montessori student is required to participate in eight, two-week intensive field study courses during their high school years. Each “Intersession” course includes vigorous academic requirements paired with hands-on learning experiences, often including overnight travel and/or community service.

In the Fall, students participate in grade level/theme-based intersessions. Spring Intersessions vary by year and are offered based on student choice as well as instructor preference.

Students receive 0.5 credits for each Intersession, and passing all eight are required in order to receive a diploma.

Please click the links to view the 9th grade Intersession and 10th grade Intersession documents.  Permission slips were sent home with students on Wednesday, September 27th. Click here for online payment information. Scroll down on the link to Williams Secondary Montessori.

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