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Mission and Priorities 2018-2019 School Year

PTSO mission: The Williams Montessori Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) mission is to support the Vision of Williams Montessori School:
We are a forward-thinking school, aiming to prepare our students not only for post-secondary education, but for all of life, by equipping them with a compassionate global perspective and a deep understanding for the core values of commitment, community, initiative, compassion and responsibility. This type of holistic education is one that guides our students on the path to becoming confident and capable humans, able to adapt to anything life presents.

The PTSO values and actively encourages the inclusion of all families, staff and community members in PTSO programs. We respect diverse opinions and ideas and strive to be a welcoming and caring community.

2018-19 Priorities
PTSO activities fall into four broad categories: communication, fundraising, community building, and school enrichment.
Work with the administration to refine existing communication methods and develop new ones to aid all community members in having access to the information they need.

Strengthen the visibility of and participation in the direct donation campaign.
Utilize sales of Williams Montessori branded merchandise to not only raise funds but enhance school spirit and increase community knowledge of the program.
Actively seek out new sources of funding for PTSO programs.

Community Building
Provide a directory of families and contact information.
Research and present opportunities for community members to become involved with the PTSO and with other service organizations.
Grow a contingent of Parent Ambassadors who can represent the parent perspective during tours, open houses, etc.
Nurture relationships with other Montessori schools within CMS.
Engage in our neighborhood and city-at-large.

School Enrichment
Support teachers in their efforts to provide authentic Montessori education to students
Recognize the value and hard work of all staff members with acts of appreciation.
Enhance the physical spaces on our campus.
Champion efforts to build extracurricular activities including club sports by offering assistance with financial management and communication.
Please be sure to join the PTSO today! Questions? Please contact us.

2017-2018 PTSO MEETING MINUTES: August 2017

2016-2017 PTSO MEETING MINUTES:  May 2016, September 2016, October 2016, November 2016, January 2017, February 2017, March 2017

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of your Williams Montessori community, view our PTSO executive board and leadership team volunteer job descriptions, and contact us if you are interested in serving in some capacity.

President  – Trish Sheridan

President Elect – Stephanie Roberson

Treasurer – Cyndi Klein

Treasurer Elect – Diep Tran

Secretary – Tangela Solomon


Communications Lead and Newsletter 

Website – Kieran Whelan

Social Media Coordinator – Taryn Hofert

Social Media Coordinator – Sarah Konecy

Photographer – Karen Aman


Fund Raising Lead – Open

Community Partnerships – Open

Invest in Secondary Montessori Coordinator – Heather Bailey

Kids Camp – Kelly Platt and Sue Audino

Merchandise – Rachel Rodden

Merchandise – Elizabeth Herger

Retail Incentives – Sherry Picerno

Community Building/Elementary Liaisons:

Chantilly Liaison – Kim Hutchinson

Highland Mill Liaison – Tracy Gentile

Park Road Liaison – Carter Herndon carter.herndon@gmail.com

Trilliam Springs Liaison – Kelli Scott

Neighborhood/Government Engagement – Paul Reinhartsen

Parent Ambassador – Stephanie Vargas
Parent Ambassador – Karen Aman
Parent Ambassador – Rachel Rodden
Parent Ambassador – Elizabeth Herger
Parent Ambassador – Beth Borachok
Parent Ambassador – Trish Sheridan
Parent Ambassador – Kristin Anderson
Parent Ambassador – Jennifer Sawyer
PTO Membership/Directory – Dara Whittle
Service Opportunity Coordinator – Sue Audino

School Enrichment:

Staff Appreciation Coordinator – Sherry Picerno
Campus Beautification – Greg Anderson

Community Parent -High School/Electives – Tracie Tyte
Community Parent -Middle School(Brian/Aiden)- Dara Whittle
Community Parent -Middle School(Doug/Patti F.) – Katasha Lloyd
Community Parent -Middle School(Eric/Patti T.) – Janet Haas
Social Committee Lead -Shea Chambers
Staff Appreciation -Sherry Picerno
Sports Coordinator -Stephanie Roberson
Sports Coordinator -Dara Whittle
MTB Club Coach -Mark Dombroski
Ultimate Frisbee Coach -Tom Parks
Ultimate Frisbee Coach -Jake Whittle
Boys Soccer Coach -Aaron George
Girls Soccer Coach -Jill Goodrich
Golf Coach -Ben Kinney 2018_19_PTSO_Leadership_Team

Volley Ball Coach -Jake Whittle 2018_19_PTSO_Leadership_Team

MPAG Representative – Trish Sheridan
MPAG Representative – OPEN

SLT Parent Representative – Stephanie Roberson
SLT Parent Representative – Rachel Rodden


Principal – Sophia Hazlehurst sophia.hazlehurst@cms.k12.nc.us
Assistant Principal-Rashawn Coleman-Walker r.coleman@cms.k12.nc.us
Montessori Coordinator – Mindy Maher f.mahar@cms.k12.nc.us


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